Berrick Birmans

About Us

Welcome to the home of Berrick Birmans. I hope you have fun visiting and learning more about my cats.

I have been an avid lover of this breed for a number of years, having owned my first birman since 2002. I have actively shown some of my cats since 2006 and love catching up with friends on the show scene. Showing to me is an important aspect of breeding. It helps to ensure that we are heading in the right direction with our breeding stock. I bought my first breeding stock in 2007 and had my very first litter in 2008.

My cats are kept in as 'homely' living arangments as possible. Mostly stud boys cannot enjoy the comforts of living inside the house so my boys do live outside in their own quarters. They get every other mod con my other cats have though and for now they are satisfied. I will never keep a particular stud for a prolonged period of time because they deserve to be a loving pet who can sleep on someones bed one day.

My girls have their own room where they can have privacy away from my other cats when it is time for them to birth their kittens. I find it is important for the mother cat to concentrate on her task at being the best mother she can possibly be. Their kittens are raised inside the home only. To me this is very important in ensuring a healthy, well adjusted baby for their new home.

Here we are about quality not quantity. My girls generally only have one litter a year which ensures we all get a break and they can stay in top condition. Because of the low numbers of kittens we have per year we don't always have kittens available and a wait for the perfect kitten is inevitable.

The cats also share their lives with our dogs Josie and Hugo (Australian Shepherds). The love between a cat and a dog is just beautiful to see and shows that both can live so harmoniously.

I hope to hear from you soon if you are wishing to adopt a beautiful, well adjusted baby birman.