Berrick Birmans


Kittens are born and grow up in the house. They become used to household noises such as vacuum cleaners, television, washing machine and being around people. It is my preference that any kitten sold would live a safe and long life indoors. Birmans are a great indoor breed that will enjoy the occassional outdoor adventure in safe surrounds. Outdoor enclosures are a wonderful idea for this (view pictures of our enclosures on the 'Enclosures' page).

If you are after a particular colour there may be a wait or I can direct you to another breeder who may have the colour you are after.

Pet kittens will come to you vaccinated (at 8 weeks and 12 weeks), wormed, flea free, microchipped in your name, registered with GCCFV and desexed. Kittens will also come with an "Adoption pack" if collected personally. Pet kittens are $1000 (this price includes the 2nd kitten vaccination). A non-refundable deposit of $300 will secure the baby of your choice and you will receive updated photos of their progress. Only appropriate homes will be allocated a kitten. We are not a pet shop. Our kittens are raised with love and care to be loved and cared for by their new owners. 

We have made the decision that we will not send our kittens or retired adults interstate. This is a personal decision. We have in the past sent interstate but won't be from April 2019. We are sorry to anyone interstate wanting a baby from us.

All of our kittens are fed on human grade meat and premium wet and dry food (Royal Canin). It is important to feed a nutritionally based diet to ensure they are getting all the essentials for a strong immune system.

Kittens will be ready to leave for their new homes from 12-14 weeks of age (no earlier than this). This time allows for the important vet work to be completed without causing too much stress to the kitten.

Some show quality kittens may be available. Please talk to me in greater detail if you would like a show neuter. Success of any cat or kitten can greatly vary and because of this I ask slightly more for a show neuter.

If for any reason you are unable to care for your baby for whatever reason I would greatly appreciate being contacted and I will help in any way I can.



If you are interested in any more details please email. Alternatively I will update the 'Soon to Be' page with any further details so keep checking back. Those wanting show quality kittens may want to contact me early on to discuss this in greater detail.

This website will be updated frequently and any litters born posted. Interest can be made once a girl is confirmed pregnant and we can keep everyone up to date. We may not always have kittens available as we are about quality not quantity. We do get a number of enquiries during breeding season and also outside of breeding season. Please keep in contact with us and we can keep you up to date on what is going on. Some people wait months before we have a kitten available for them.


Phone: Available on request.