Berrick Birmans



"Sharada Living the Dream"~ Ivy


DOB: 13th February 2007

Colour: Chocolate tabby pt (carrying dilute)

Blood type: A/b 

Sire: Gd. Pr. Sharada Tabby Two Shoes (Seal tabby pt)

Dam: ACF AoE, Gold. Ch. Sharada Phoenix Dreaming (Hons) (Lilac pt)

Ivy is a beautiful sweet natured little girl who knows what she wants when she wants it. She can be rather selective with her affections but once you have won her over she is a real little love bug. She is a beautiful cat although not very big she is of nice type. She is only just show marked and it was nice to see her get her champion title.

Ivy has retired from breeding after having just 3 litters which is such a shame because she is a fantastic and very attentive mother. She will however stay on here at Berrick to be another of my neuter pets because I love her so dearly and she was adopted as a pet firstly.

Her lines carried on in her son "Berrick Galileo" who stayed on here at Berrick to have a couple of litter for us. He was a great asset to our program and gave us some lovely kittens. We have kept his tabby daughter Scarlet as a show neuter.

"Sharada Rainbow Rhapsody"~ Riah

GCCFV 5th Best Group 1 Kitten of the Year 2008 (Best Female Birman Kitten)


DOB: 23rd September 2007

Colour: Seal pt (carrying chocolate and dilute)

Blood type: A/a

Sire: Gold Ch. Dejavu Hershey (Chocolate pt)

Dam: Db. Gd. Ch. Sharada Rainbow Sky (Blue Tortie pt)

Riah is a funny girl with such a big personality. She is very clown like in her behaviour and has some quirky habits which have been passed on to some of her children. She loves everyone but is very wary of dogs and was very upset when we welcomed a Westie pup into the house.

She did very well on the show scene as a young girl winning a number of Best Birman Kitten awards and placing well in Group. I didn't show her much as an adult because the show scene wasn't really her thing. She would have been "Champion" title with just a couple more challenges but felt it wasn't worth it for her.

After just 2 litters I made the decision to desex her with her health as first priority. She had a hard time with her 2nd litter having eclampsia twice and trying to wean her six 5 week old babies. She loved being a mother but some girls are not cut out for breeding. Unfortunately I haven't kept anything from her with her 2nd litter only having the one girl not being breed quality.

 "Shakandah Sweet Sahara"~ Sahara


DOB: 30th October 2009

Colour: Chocolate tabby pt (carrying dilute)

Blood type: A/b

Sire: Gd. Ch. Shakandah Shaquille (Chocolate tabby pt)

Dam: Ch. Shekinah Sweet Dreams (Seal pt)

Sahara is a beautiful little girl who has a lot to offer us here at Berrick. I cannot thank Anne of Shakandah Birmans enough for allowing me to have this little girl. She has stunning eye colour, good strong profile, nice long tail and is a well put together little girl.

After a difficult labour resulting in a caesarian she has been a fantastic mother. Like with owning any entire animal (especially a female) there comes great risks. Sahara got very sick when her kittens were 8 weeks old and after some tests at the vet she was opened up to find she had a closed pyometra. An emergency spay was performed to save her life. She then went on to develop a mild peritonitis which makes them very very sick.

Unfortunately due to her only having the one litter we have not kept anything to run this line on in our cattery.

 "Peloux Golden Willow" ~ Willow


DOB: 30th November 2009

Colour: Seal pt (carrying chocolate and dilute)

Blood type: A/b

Sire: Badarene Pink Panther (Lilac pt)

Dam: Ch. Sharada Chasin' Rainbows (Seal tortie pt)

A big thank you to Jenny from Peloux birmans for allowing me to have this little girl. She is a beautiful little girl with a nice strong profile which I love, nice long tail and a beautiful feel to her body.

She proved herself to be a wonderful mother rearing 2 litters for us here. Her first litter consisted of 4 boys whom all went as pets. Her second litter was very exciting with 4 girls and 1 boy. One of her daughters has stayed on here to be a show neuter for us.

"Berrick Galileo"~ Leo

~Closed Stud~

DOB: 16th December 2009

Colour: Lilac Tabby pt

Blood type: B

Sire: Ch. Shakandah Tobias (Blue pt)

Dam: Ch. Sharada Living the Dream (Chocolate tabby pt)

Leo is our first home bred stud and he will be replacing his mothers lines here. He will also help take my tabby lines forward which to me is very exciting. He is a nice young man and I am very proud to have bred him. He has a beautiful feel to his body, great ear placement which I love and has nice eye colour as well. Although he is nearly show marked his markings aren't good enough for the show bench.

His first litter of kittens were gorgeous but alas were all boys with 3 out of 4 kittens show marked. His second litter was the complete opposite with 4 girls and 1 boy. One of his daughters has stayed on to be a show neuter for us.


"Florencia Lord Byron" (Imp NZ)~ Byron


~Closed Stud~ 

DOB: 14th October 2011

Colour: Blue pt

Blood type: A/b

Sire: Ch. Florencia Lord Fletcher (Blue pt)

Dam: Ch. Silverthorne Dream Angel (Seal pt)

We were so very very lucky to be able to have him come and live with us. A very big thank you to his breeder Jo from Florencia Birmans in New Zealand for allowing Byron to travel over here to Australia.

He is nicely show marked, has gorgeous eye colour and a lovely muscular body. Byron did well as a young boy on the show bench and managed his first title as an adult.

His first and only  litter of kittens were just wonderful and we were sad we weren't able to have more from him. Byron was a very very hit and miss worker. We tried with a few different girls in the hope to get more from him but the decision was made to desex him when he was 4.5 years old. We were lucky and fortunate we kept his son "Berrick Lord Levi" on to be a future stud and we hope for him to carry his lines forward.

Kucinta Princess Emilie ~ Emilie


DOB: 12th December 2013

Colour: Blue pt (carrying chocolate)

Blood type: A/?

Sire: Calya Lord Loui (Blue pt)

Dam: Bronze Gd. Ch. Kucinta Princess Fantasia (Lilac pt)

We were so very lucky to have this young lady come and join our family. Em came to us as an adult girl who had had a litter before. She is a lovely girl with gorgeous eye colour, beautiful point colour and she is also show marked. Our thanks go to Sue (Elstead Birmans) and Annette (Kucinta Birmans) for allowing her to come over.

Em had 2 litters for us here and we always hoped to keep a daughter from her. Lucky for us she produced one who is show marked. "Berrick Princess Charlotte" is being kept to carry on her mothers lines.


"Furkidz Royal Reva" ~ Reva


DOB: 28th September 2011

Colour: Blue pt

Blood type: A/b

Sire: Gold. Db. Gd. Ch. Rasharnee Mind My Mojo (Blue pt)

Dam: Db. Gd. Ch. Furkidz Howzat Harmony (Seal pt)

Little Reva has come down from NSW. A very big thank you to Heidi her breeder from Furkidz Birmans for allowing me to have this gorgeous little girl. This line is one I have wanted to get back into my cattery. This little girl is actually a great niece to a boy I used to own "Teller". The other lines she brings with her are also a big bonus to our breeding program.

She is not perfectly marked but has a lovely profile, gorgeous blue eyes and lovely little ears which I love on Birmans. We are so happy she managed to get her one and only title.

One of the toughest decisions we made was retiring this girl from our breeding program. She produced some gorgeous kittens for us in the 3 litters she had. We have kept a son from her first litter "Berrick Lord Levi" as a stud and a daughter from her third litter "Berrick Time to Impress".

"Jazmena Time Has Come" ~ Chester


~Closed Stud~ 

DOB: 6th August 2015

Colour: Blue pt (carrying chocolate)

Blood type: A/a

Sire: Sharada Time To Dream (Seal pt)

Dam: Silver Db. Gd. Ch. Kriska Chocolate Charm (Choc pt)

We were very excited to welcome this lovely boy into our breeding program. A huge thank you to his breeder Michelle (Jazmena birmans) and also to Deb (Kriska birmans) for allowing him to come down and join our family. Chester came from lines that I so badly wanted to get back when I lost my lovely girl Ivy's line. Chester is Ivy's nephew and I also love the mothers lines as well having seen her brother in person. Chester has a lovely long body and the most gorgeous long tail which is becoming a rarity in some birman lines.

Chester had just 1 litter for us here before he retired. It was thought that pet life was better suited to him and with him still being relatively young the tough decision was made. We have however kept his daughter "Berrick Time to Impress" to carry his lines forward and we are very excited to watch her develop because she has some lovely attributes from her father.

Minosa Maya Gold ~ Maya

DOB: 25th February 2015

Colour: Seal pt (carrying dilute)

Blood type: A/a

Sire: Db. Gd. Ch. Cymaron Ecuador Dark (Seal pt)

Dam: Adorabella Neela (Imp NZ) (Blue pt)

This little girl was too good to pass up. Maya has gorgeous eye colour, lovely profile and is minimally marked. Our thanks go to Pam (Minosa birmans) for this gorgeous girl. She brings some lines back that we have had before in her half sister "Tulula".

Her kittens to date have been just gorgeous with sweet, friendly personalities. We are keeping a daughter from her "Berrick Fools Gold" to our gorgeous boy Levi to carry her lines forward.