Berrick Birmans

Breeding little Angels

 ~Site updated 27th Aug 2019~

Recent News: Our 2019/2020 breeding season is just beginning. Keep an eye on our "Soon to be" page for updates.

Welcome to the home of Berrick Birmans, a small birman cattery located in country southwest Victoria. We are registered with and show under the Governing Control Council of Victoria (GCCFV). Always ensure you are buying a genuine Birman from a registered breeder. These kittens are from known ancestory decades long. Don't get ripped off with 'fakes'.

Berrick Birmans is a Feline Aids and Leukemia tested free cattery. Our breeding cats are also DNA tested for Blood group to ensure suitable matings.

Berrick's foundation queen Ch. Sharada Living the Dream is pictured below with Berrick's first litter at 8 weeks.


There is nothing better than the love of a cat let alone the love of a birman. They love nothing more than to be around their owners, engage themselves in whatever you are doing, tell you how much they love you and of course look into your eyes with such content. What more could you ask for. They really do have the most beautiful natures and are perfect for any household. Be aware though that once you have one birman you will find yourself wanting more.

We hope you enjoy meeting our babies who bring us such joy. Our reason for breeding is to enable others to see this same joy.



Phone: Available on request.